Who gets to decide the future of AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at an exceedingly rapid pace, and it is important that we adopt AI intentionally. Young people today will likely live in a future world in which AI will be pervasive. They deserve a say in what this future will look like.


The goal of this project is to contribute towards a vision of a future where human wellbeing and happiness take center stage. Towards this goal, it seeks to understand the perceptions, risks, hopes and opportunities youth sees regarding AI. Some of these may be universally shared while others more culturally specific, but all are essential if we hope to arrive at a degree of common understanding and promote solidarity and collaboration globally.


From January to March 2022 we conducted a study among young people from 10-24 years old (Gen-Z) around the world. We asked about their hopes, fears and ideas about the future coexistence of humans and AI. Many of them responded to the survey and wrote their own "imaginations" of the future. (we are thankful to you!)

We are currently analyzing the responses and this summer will publish a report of the findings. This will include a message from youth to the world.

Next, we will organize a conference with youth and representatives from industry, academia, governments and the UN to discuss how to turn the ideas and suggestions of youth into action.


  • Lambert Hogenhout, Chief Data, Analytics and Emerging Technologies (United Nations)
  • Toshie Takahashi, Professor in the School of Culture, Media and Society (Waseda University, Japan)


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